Monday, September 7, 2009


Have you ever feel lost? Not sure what to do...and with no objective....
Somehow I have been like this rather frequently lately....especially career wise. Could it be that I am not happy with what I am currently doing? This is the question I have been asking myself lately and sadly I am not able to answer a yes to it. I am having doubt. Since my tenure with this organisation, I have never felt like this before I moved to MSD. Although my previous role requires me to work on shift and weekends, I have always felt motivated.
Have I gotten into the wrong job? Am I not enjoying what I am doing which causes me to feel this way? Or could it be because of my leader?
I am definitely not overworked as I just came back from a holiday...
No clue what is the root cause...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Just came back from Krabi last Thursday, went with 8 other friends.
What do I think?
1. Feels like a suckling pig as I got quite burn.
2. Feeling tired as we did numerous snorkelings with drinking session every night.
3. Lovely scenery, mediocre food, cheap beach message(lousy).
4. Great company = Priceless
Conclusion? This trip was great, filled with sun, sea, fun, and laughters.
Am so tempted to get MC for Friday... yayaya~ you must be thinking that I am such an undedicated staff, think all you want but I bet everyone would have thought the same thing at least once in their career so do not pretend to be a saint.

Some pretty pictures for sharing...sharing is caring ma.... :-)

Poda Island

Poda Island

Maya Bay (scene of The Beach by Leonardo Dicaprio)

(forgotten its name but it was sure breathtaking)

Sunset at Railay West