Thursday, August 20, 2009


放工返到屋企, 好順手就攞起部手機來check下睇有無sms或者missed call囉. 出乎我以料, 既然睇到佢嘅missed call. 禮貌上都要覆返個電話俾人o地嘅, so咪覆call囉, 佢既然問我要不要看戲. 哇!! 驚喜~
我其實想啦啦臨应成, 但係, 點都要有少少性格嘅, 所以就唔咗幾秒先应成. 決定咗睇九點三, 但因為太遲所以網上訂不到票, 唯有到戲院先賣.
之後無麼大件事發生, 只不過係八點幾開始落大雨, 行雷閃電麼都有齊.
唸住雨好快會停啦, 總有希望嘅, 唔使擔心.
係啊, 雨有停啊, 總要啱啱係九點先停添, 都已經趕唔切啦, 又要駕車去, 又要賣票.
真係激死我!! 唔通真係整定?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

List of events continued...

I went for follow up check on Friday and guess what happened? Nothing serious, just that I was referred to General Hospital for further investigation for possible H1N1....#%*@$&#*!

The list of events below just grew longer. On Friday morning, I was feeling all enthusiastic to go to work, thinking that I just needed to drop by the clinic for the docs to confirm I am all good. My turn came, doctor put on the temperature strip on my forehead and said that I am still having fever and am still having sore throat. Great! The next thing I know is that I was given 1 more day MC and a referral letter to the GH for further investigation for possible H1N1. Just great! Oh...knowing that I need to do follow up check, yet I am capable of not bringing my insurance card. It was left at home, no big deal, just that I need to pay and claim back later. Life is just great! More things to do to keep my life interesting...

Spent couples of hours in GH and finally doctor confirmed I am clear of H1N1....see I said...nothing serious....*speechless*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Life is full of unexpected events...

Have been a while since my last post. Why?? Because I was bogged down with a list of events.

I just like how events can happen one after another, unplanned. Oh did I mention, it was all unpleasant but memorable.

Here is the list of events taken place from June till today.
1) It all started with a small trip and fall where I scratched my knee, nothing serious, my knee got swollen with some unwanted carvings.
2) Then came the trip and fall from a wet staircase. Not too serious, got a crack on my lower spine, cannot sit for 2 weeks, cannot sleep well for 2 weeks, got medical leave for 3 weeks, and was told it will take 6 weeks to heal, how exciting~
3) My beloved dalmation name Patra left after being with us for 14 years.
4) What's next? I dropped a pair of sharp scissors onto my right foot's 2nd toe. Oh, just to make this incident a bit more memorable, the scissors fell straight onto the cuticle creating a deep cut. Ya, blood was the outcome of this.

Oh! Did I mention #2~#4 happened within a week?

5) Then I got a cold sore on my lip. Under normal circumstances, this is acceptable as I can hide at home. Somehow this happened when I have important lunches, dinners, and meetings, this cold sore has become an eye sore.
6) On Tuesday, in the office I started to fell uneasy. Bought a thermometer and it was showing my body temperature at 38.5C, follow by headache, body ache, and sorethroat. To make things worst, I just got back from Singapore on Sunday. Well within the 7 days period, having 4 out of the 5 symptoms. I then head to the clinic and was given 3 days medical leaves. The doctor said that if I do not feel better in 2 days, they will send me to the hospital to check for possible H1N1. Have recovered from fever and will be going for follow up check tomorrow. Hopefully doctor is happy with my recovery.

So here you are, the chain of events that got me busy and away from updating the blog. Life is just full of unexpected events.