Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Poh Poh...

Pohpoh....welcome back! I finally get to see you, although not in real person, but I am happy that you are back. I hope you are too! Many of your relatives and friends attended your event, I am sure you saw all of them. The fact that you are no longer in person still hurts all of us. We miss you a lot, I miss you a lot. Seeing your favorite attire, bring tears automatically. The memories came flashing back. I hope you are settling in well in the new permanent place. Pohpoh...may I ask a favor from you? May you watch upon GongGong? He has been sad since your departure and has not been himself. He has lost his appetite as well as not able to sleep well. I know that all these are because he misses you a lot and you meant so much to him. You know that he loves you so much. Please would you watch over him and bless him please? Pohpoh...everyone miss you...please take good care of yourself because we are not able to render our care. You have always been strong and I know you will look after yourself and will watch over GongGong. Pohpoh....I miss you....may you rest in peace...

Monday, March 18, 2013

My dearest beloved grandma, 1936 - 2013

Poh Poh,
This is how I call you ever since I learned to speak. Since I was born, you have always been giving. Love, care, time, patience, gifts, food, just anything that I ever wanted, you are always ready to shower me with. When I was younger, you always bring me with you to everywhere, proudly. You have always been patience with me, always very accommodative to what I want, always very supportive of what I do, always very proud of what I achieve. You brought me for my first facial, my first gym. You taught me how to cook my favorite dishes because you always make them so yummy. The list goes on and on. I am sorry that I did not spend enough time with you when I started to get busy with my own life. You have never complaint. Poh Poh, Poh Poh, allow me to still call for you. You are the only Poh Poh that I have and you are the greatest Poh Poh. You have been strong to endure the challenges that lies for you the past few years and you did well. I know you did well for us, and we are proud of you. Now that you are physically not around us but I know that you are always with us. Please look after gong gong, for he misses you so dearly. Please help him to stay strong. Poh Poh, we miss you. Poh Poh, you are done with the battle, please rest. Poh Poh, don't worry about us, we will take good care of ourselves and we will take good care of gong gong. Poh Poh, I promise you that I will visit you when I can. Poh Poh, take care...
Your ever loved granddaughter.

Thursday, March 14, 2013





Monday, March 4, 2013

You are not perfect but it is your imperfect that made my life perfect.
Thank you for everything.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today, is a very emotionally turmoil day. I realized I have low EQ when it comes to handling things that are exceptionally dear to my heart. I cried, yet, it can't get rid of the downs inside my heart. I am starting to realized that I am starting to lose grip of my life because I am so afraid to lose the center of my life, him. I also realized that I have put him the center of my life, without realizing it. Honestly, I think this has created pressure to our relationship. It has created pressure for him in addition to his busy schedule. Not a very smart move, yes I know. I hope it is not too late to correct things.
Well it is not wrong to put your other half as the center of your life but it has to be perfect timing. Because if he is already super busy, and needing to make sure that you are still surviving, it will be additional unnecessary pressure on him.
So I need to get a grip and start identifying what do I want to achieve and set that as my focus for now. I sincerely hope today's realization will not be too late. You can do it!! Dear, I am sorry if I have caused unnecessary frustrations to you. Please understand it wasn't intentional. I will wish and pray for your future undertaking.