Monday, March 18, 2013

My dearest beloved grandma, 1936 - 2013

Poh Poh,
This is how I call you ever since I learned to speak. Since I was born, you have always been giving. Love, care, time, patience, gifts, food, just anything that I ever wanted, you are always ready to shower me with. When I was younger, you always bring me with you to everywhere, proudly. You have always been patience with me, always very accommodative to what I want, always very supportive of what I do, always very proud of what I achieve. You brought me for my first facial, my first gym. You taught me how to cook my favorite dishes because you always make them so yummy. The list goes on and on. I am sorry that I did not spend enough time with you when I started to get busy with my own life. You have never complaint. Poh Poh, Poh Poh, allow me to still call for you. You are the only Poh Poh that I have and you are the greatest Poh Poh. You have been strong to endure the challenges that lies for you the past few years and you did well. I know you did well for us, and we are proud of you. Now that you are physically not around us but I know that you are always with us. Please look after gong gong, for he misses you so dearly. Please help him to stay strong. Poh Poh, we miss you. Poh Poh, you are done with the battle, please rest. Poh Poh, don't worry about us, we will take good care of ourselves and we will take good care of gong gong. Poh Poh, I promise you that I will visit you when I can. Poh Poh, take care...
Your ever loved granddaughter.

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