Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today, is a very emotionally turmoil day. I realized I have low EQ when it comes to handling things that are exceptionally dear to my heart. I cried, yet, it can't get rid of the downs inside my heart. I am starting to realized that I am starting to lose grip of my life because I am so afraid to lose the center of my life, him. I also realized that I have put him the center of my life, without realizing it. Honestly, I think this has created pressure to our relationship. It has created pressure for him in addition to his busy schedule. Not a very smart move, yes I know. I hope it is not too late to correct things.
Well it is not wrong to put your other half as the center of your life but it has to be perfect timing. Because if he is already super busy, and needing to make sure that you are still surviving, it will be additional unnecessary pressure on him.
So I need to get a grip and start identifying what do I want to achieve and set that as my focus for now. I sincerely hope today's realization will not be too late. You can do it!! Dear, I am sorry if I have caused unnecessary frustrations to you. Please understand it wasn't intentional. I will wish and pray for your future undertaking.

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