Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A senior VIP will be visiting the office today and tomorrow. The moment we got to know that this VVIP will be visiting, it has got all of us busy. From updating the notice board to rolling out the red carpets, not the mention those hotels and limo arrangements. All the Managers and above are required to put on a suit today. Email has been blast to all employees inbox on the DOs and DON'Ts. All these preparations and efforts are just for the 2 days visit by this VVIP.

With all the beautifying done, we are putting up a pretty facade to show this VVIP but is it worth it? Why can't we just be who we are and what we are? So if this VVIP decides to be based here, does this means that the whole company will continue put up with this? My Manager check each aisle to make sure everything is properly in placed, this action reminds me of school days, spot check.

At times like this, where all T&E budget is cut, increment is frozen and yet this VVIP still gets to travel the world via FIRST CLASS!! with 5* accommodations!! on company's expense!! OMG!! Sometimes I wonder, how would the company wants us as employees to react and continue to stay motivated when the low level employees are asked to cut cost but yet the big shots gets to travel in luxury...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

While feeding my car...

On my way home today, my car was getting hungry. To ensure that I will reach home via driving and not by pushing the car, I had to stop by Shell to feed my car. This Shell station was packed with cars, buses, and motorcycles. I guess by now you would know that I will be complaining on some drivers. Nope, I am not doing a write up on how to fill up your gas tank.

I was at aisle 2 waiting for a bus to leave but it had to reverse in order to leave because it was too big to go through the station hence I had to reverse and decided to queue at aisle 3. While I was doing this, there was a car that came from the main street, the driver could definitely see that I was on my way to aisle 3, the lady driver decided to queue at aisle 3 too! How nice..the more the merrier? The best thing is she cut right in front of me causing me to be in the middle of no where. I bet she knew what she has done because she mumbled something then stared in front. She DID NOT dare to look at me, not even a peek! She kept looking straight...just ignoring me, it's so obvious that she was 心虛. (I am sure most drivers have used this tactic before when they do not allow another car to cut in front of them, then they just stare in front and ignore the other driver, sounds familiar?). I was on her right, how close were our car? Let just say that I can CLEARLY see the pimples on her face! Obviously she saw me maneuvering to aisle 3 but has decided to join the fun by being KIASU! I hate KIASU people!

After the bus reversed, I went back to aisle 2 as there was no car. There were 2 pumps in an aisle and so happened the motorcycle at the first pump left so I stopped my car at the first pump. Guess what happened next? YES! So the kiasu lady driver has decided to join the fun at aisle 2 and drove over to aisle 2 and used pump #2 (無性格!). I should have just use pump #2 so that she can continue to queue at HER aisle 3 since she was dying to queue there, at times we have to 還人o地嘅心願. But since I'm a civilised driver..*ahem*...I will not do such a thing to other drivers.. :-) I wonder if she felt embarrassed, after all the kiasu actions she has done just to be in front of me but ended up behind me..haha! I think GOD is fair. I was actually quite 心涼..hahahaha...When I left the station, she was still filling up her tank....暗爽..

Oh..before I forget, the kiasu car's number plate is Wxx 9639. When I was driving out from the station, I told myself, she is so going to end up on my blog...haha...

Always remember, Life is like a vicious circle, whatever goes around comes around...Life might not always be fair but the person up there will always be fair..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drama Driver...

To the driver, who took the liberty to stop at the center of the ever busy Jalan Sultan Ismail this morning just to scold me.

Those who drive by Jalan Sultan Ismail every morning to get to work would understand that there are traffics that merge from Jalan Hang Tuah. As a civilised driver, we would allow 1 car at a time to merge to Jalan Sultan Ismail. I was merging from Jalan Hang Tuah, this uncle decided to do the kiasu act by stepping on his acceleration the moment he sees me coming from the junction. I understand if he does not allow me to cut in front of him, so I step on my breaks so that he can go first. As he was moving forward, I started to release the break slowly so that I can merge behind him.

Then you know what he did? Not sure how he suddenly got this *BRILLIANT* idea. This smart uncle decided to stop his car right infront of mine so that I cannot come out from the junction. He was seated in his car and started screaming at the top of his lungs (judging from the movement of his mouth..ya..he is screaming) with sign languages hoping that I can hear what he said through our enclosed air-conditioned cars (smart eh?). While all these were happening, there were two thousand cars behind me and NO cars, let me repeat, NO CARS infront of him.

After 120 seconds of Tamil drama act from this uncle, he decided to move his car, after moving 2 meters, our friend decided to pull his car to a full stop again ON Jalan Sultan Ismail (just before Sg Wang). Guess what he did next? no..he did not come down from his car...but Tamil drama act part II was showing. This time yelling with his head turned 180 degrees so that he can face me and assuming that I can 'hear' his frustration in our enclosed car. He then step on his accelerator and turn into the junction before Sg Wang.

OMG! I really salute this uncle, he should be in his late 40s, driving a gold color V*lvo (no..not the latest's those ah pek's model). It is impressive that he can get so angry at 8am, I am sure he will be pissed for the rest of today..hehe.... I was SO worried that he might get a stroke from his action. No kidding! I think his blood pressure sky rocketed. Hmmm...I wonder could be it something that his spouse did not give in to him last night ..hmmm

V*lvo Uncle, calm down. At this age, you have to take care of your emotion, do get angry too easily, not good for your health. You will still reach your destination without all these dramas and trust me, your day will be much better and you will not end up being b*tched in my blog!

**Allow me to clarify the identity of this V*lvo Uncle, although I mentioned Tamil drama, he is a Chinese, I just do not want readers to think that this is an Indian uncle. After all the hardwork he has done in such wee hours, I have to make sure there's no confusion on his identity**

Monday, May 11, 2009


Recently have been contacted by few of my long lost friends..hope it is not a bad sign..

My phone rang, and the caller ID is showing some mysterious China phone number. No clue who is the caller, was thinking must be those China prank calls again. In a split second, I thought I better not answer the call but changed my mind. Am glad that I pick up the call, as it was from a dear friend (KY) whom I have not spoken to for ages. KY will be going for MBA this July and was reminding me that I should not continue to procrastinate my MBA plans. I've always wanted to pursue for my MBA since I gotten my undergrad.

GMAT has always been the reason why I have yet to start the application process. I've heard so much stories on how difficult GMAT is and etc. I guess it is just a lame excuse and the main culprit is just my laziness. My GMAT book is still in its wrapper dated 2004, this shows how eager I am to start my MBA... hmmm... wonder should I start now or wait for next year? The thought of quitting my job to go back to school really got me hesitated...

Hot hot hot....

The weather lately has been utterly HOT and to make things worst, there's no wind. Sunday's weather was fuming at 102°F/35°C, unless you are in an air conditioned place, it is literally an oven out there. While I was driving yesterday with the air-cond on full blast, I can feel my skin being barbecued in the car under the glaring Sun.

Came lunch time, I was debating between Domino's or duck rice as my lunch. I firstly went to Domino's all because it was air conditioned but the queue was too long so I've decided to divert to duck rice. When I was walking out of the shop I overheard a father talking to his son, "the weather is so hot, I can barely think properly." He was saying this with his butt seated in an air conditioned room, I wonder what will happened to his brain the moment he steps out of the shop, maybe his brain will melt immediately once his hair is in contact with the Sun.

So roast duck rice it is, the ever famous duck rice shop in Cheras. Under such extreme weather, at 2pm, in a non air conditioned shop, and what can you find? tables filled with humans and a queue for take way that is extended to the center of the street. This proves what a good roast duck can do, insane people to wait/queue under the hot Sun just to have a bite of it. And YES! I am one of the insane people queuing for my lunch. It took me 25 minutes to get my lunch but it is all worth it. The succulent roast duck is excellent and not to forget its roast pork and char siew...YUM~

Under such hot weather, what's the best way to cool yourself? No matter how many times you shower in cold water, trust me, it does not help. No matter how fast your fan blows, it does not help either, because it will only be circulating hot air. The BEST way is to hide in an air conditioned room..which is exactly what I did after a sumptuous lunch, and guess what happens next? Yes, dreamland was calling, zzZZZzz is is so blissful~

I wonder if the change in weather is a sign of global warming? It is said that such weather will persists till September'09. The heat is unbearable, not sure how we can survive pass September. Lastly, let's hope that there will no interruption to the water supply. Am sure you do know what SYABAS is capable of doing.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Long lost friend..resurfaced

After 4 months of absolutely NO contact from CC, he for whatever reasons has decided today is a good day to call me. My phone rang, a long missed ringtone was ringing (他不會是個好男人也不會是個好情人...你對我說我們只是擦肩而過..yes..I've assigned a rather unique tone for CC) and it took my a while to realise who could be the caller. He asked if I would like to come out for tea, I wanted to say no but decided that I should go, since it has been months we meet so this might be a good opportunity to catch up. Overall the tea session went smooth. Both of us were a bit awkward at the beginning but things got better later.

About this blog and my promise

After years of wanting or rather dreaming to start writting a blog, I have FINALLY decided the auspicious day is to be today. This blog is to capture the happy, sad, and memorable events that happen in an ordinary person's life, who happens to be yours truly...*ahem*...ME.

I will persuade myself to make sure that I will continue to blog and this entry will not be the last entry in my blog :-) (hopefully I can stick to my own promise) see...I am one lazy person who LOVEs to be a couch potato so this promise could be challenging...