Monday, May 11, 2009


Recently have been contacted by few of my long lost friends..hope it is not a bad sign..

My phone rang, and the caller ID is showing some mysterious China phone number. No clue who is the caller, was thinking must be those China prank calls again. In a split second, I thought I better not answer the call but changed my mind. Am glad that I pick up the call, as it was from a dear friend (KY) whom I have not spoken to for ages. KY will be going for MBA this July and was reminding me that I should not continue to procrastinate my MBA plans. I've always wanted to pursue for my MBA since I gotten my undergrad.

GMAT has always been the reason why I have yet to start the application process. I've heard so much stories on how difficult GMAT is and etc. I guess it is just a lame excuse and the main culprit is just my laziness. My GMAT book is still in its wrapper dated 2004, this shows how eager I am to start my MBA... hmmm... wonder should I start now or wait for next year? The thought of quitting my job to go back to school really got me hesitated...

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