Monday, May 11, 2009

Hot hot hot....

The weather lately has been utterly HOT and to make things worst, there's no wind. Sunday's weather was fuming at 102°F/35°C, unless you are in an air conditioned place, it is literally an oven out there. While I was driving yesterday with the air-cond on full blast, I can feel my skin being barbecued in the car under the glaring Sun.

Came lunch time, I was debating between Domino's or duck rice as my lunch. I firstly went to Domino's all because it was air conditioned but the queue was too long so I've decided to divert to duck rice. When I was walking out of the shop I overheard a father talking to his son, "the weather is so hot, I can barely think properly." He was saying this with his butt seated in an air conditioned room, I wonder what will happened to his brain the moment he steps out of the shop, maybe his brain will melt immediately once his hair is in contact with the Sun.

So roast duck rice it is, the ever famous duck rice shop in Cheras. Under such extreme weather, at 2pm, in a non air conditioned shop, and what can you find? tables filled with humans and a queue for take way that is extended to the center of the street. This proves what a good roast duck can do, insane people to wait/queue under the hot Sun just to have a bite of it. And YES! I am one of the insane people queuing for my lunch. It took me 25 minutes to get my lunch but it is all worth it. The succulent roast duck is excellent and not to forget its roast pork and char siew...YUM~

Under such hot weather, what's the best way to cool yourself? No matter how many times you shower in cold water, trust me, it does not help. No matter how fast your fan blows, it does not help either, because it will only be circulating hot air. The BEST way is to hide in an air conditioned room..which is exactly what I did after a sumptuous lunch, and guess what happens next? Yes, dreamland was calling, zzZZZzz is is so blissful~

I wonder if the change in weather is a sign of global warming? It is said that such weather will persists till September'09. The heat is unbearable, not sure how we can survive pass September. Lastly, let's hope that there will no interruption to the water supply. Am sure you do know what SYABAS is capable of doing.

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