Tuesday, May 26, 2009

While feeding my car...

On my way home today, my car was getting hungry. To ensure that I will reach home via driving and not by pushing the car, I had to stop by Shell to feed my car. This Shell station was packed with cars, buses, and motorcycles. I guess by now you would know that I will be complaining on some drivers. Nope, I am not doing a write up on how to fill up your gas tank.

I was at aisle 2 waiting for a bus to leave but it had to reverse in order to leave because it was too big to go through the station hence I had to reverse and decided to queue at aisle 3. While I was doing this, there was a car that came from the main street, the driver could definitely see that I was on my way to aisle 3, the lady driver decided to queue at aisle 3 too! How nice..the more the merrier? The best thing is she cut right in front of me causing me to be in the middle of no where. I bet she knew what she has done because she mumbled something then stared in front. She DID NOT dare to look at me, not even a peek! She kept looking straight...just ignoring me, it's so obvious that she was 心虛. (I am sure most drivers have used this tactic before when they do not allow another car to cut in front of them, then they just stare in front and ignore the other driver, sounds familiar?). I was on her right, how close were our car? Let just say that I can CLEARLY see the pimples on her face! Obviously she saw me maneuvering to aisle 3 but has decided to join the fun by being KIASU! I hate KIASU people!

After the bus reversed, I went back to aisle 2 as there was no car. There were 2 pumps in an aisle and so happened the motorcycle at the first pump left so I stopped my car at the first pump. Guess what happened next? YES! So the kiasu lady driver has decided to join the fun at aisle 2 and drove over to aisle 2 and used pump #2 (無性格!). I should have just use pump #2 so that she can continue to queue at HER aisle 3 since she was dying to queue there, at times we have to 還人o地嘅心願. But since I'm a civilised driver..*ahem*...I will not do such a thing to other drivers.. :-) I wonder if she felt embarrassed, after all the kiasu actions she has done just to be in front of me but ended up behind me..haha! I think GOD is fair. I was actually quite 心涼..hahahaha...When I left the station, she was still filling up her tank....暗爽..

Oh..before I forget, the kiasu car's number plate is Wxx 9639. When I was driving out from the station, I told myself, she is so going to end up on my blog...haha...

Always remember, Life is like a vicious circle, whatever goes around comes around...Life might not always be fair but the person up there will always be fair..

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