Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drama Driver...

To the driver, who took the liberty to stop at the center of the ever busy Jalan Sultan Ismail this morning just to scold me.

Those who drive by Jalan Sultan Ismail every morning to get to work would understand that there are traffics that merge from Jalan Hang Tuah. As a civilised driver, we would allow 1 car at a time to merge to Jalan Sultan Ismail. I was merging from Jalan Hang Tuah, this uncle decided to do the kiasu act by stepping on his acceleration the moment he sees me coming from the junction. I understand if he does not allow me to cut in front of him, so I step on my breaks so that he can go first. As he was moving forward, I started to release the break slowly so that I can merge behind him.

Then you know what he did? Not sure how he suddenly got this *BRILLIANT* idea. This smart uncle decided to stop his car right infront of mine so that I cannot come out from the junction. He was seated in his car and started screaming at the top of his lungs (judging from the movement of his mouth..ya..he is screaming) with sign languages hoping that I can hear what he said through our enclosed air-conditioned cars (smart eh?). While all these were happening, there were two thousand cars behind me and NO cars, let me repeat, NO CARS infront of him.

After 120 seconds of Tamil drama act from this uncle, he decided to move his car, after moving 2 meters, our friend decided to pull his car to a full stop again ON Jalan Sultan Ismail (just before Sg Wang). Guess what he did next? no..he did not come down from his car...but Tamil drama act part II was showing. This time yelling with his head turned 180 degrees so that he can face me and assuming that I can 'hear' his frustration in our enclosed car. He then step on his accelerator and turn into the junction before Sg Wang.

OMG! I really salute this uncle, he should be in his late 40s, driving a gold color V*lvo (no..not the latest's those ah pek's model). It is impressive that he can get so angry at 8am, I am sure he will be pissed for the rest of today..hehe.... I was SO worried that he might get a stroke from his action. No kidding! I think his blood pressure sky rocketed. Hmmm...I wonder could be it something that his spouse did not give in to him last night ..hmmm

V*lvo Uncle, calm down. At this age, you have to take care of your emotion, do get angry too easily, not good for your health. You will still reach your destination without all these dramas and trust me, your day will be much better and you will not end up being b*tched in my blog!

**Allow me to clarify the identity of this V*lvo Uncle, although I mentioned Tamil drama, he is a Chinese, I just do not want readers to think that this is an Indian uncle. After all the hardwork he has done in such wee hours, I have to make sure there's no confusion on his identity**

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