Sunday, August 9, 2009

List of events continued...

I went for follow up check on Friday and guess what happened? Nothing serious, just that I was referred to General Hospital for further investigation for possible H1N1....#%*@$&#*!

The list of events below just grew longer. On Friday morning, I was feeling all enthusiastic to go to work, thinking that I just needed to drop by the clinic for the docs to confirm I am all good. My turn came, doctor put on the temperature strip on my forehead and said that I am still having fever and am still having sore throat. Great! The next thing I know is that I was given 1 more day MC and a referral letter to the GH for further investigation for possible H1N1. Just great! Oh...knowing that I need to do follow up check, yet I am capable of not bringing my insurance card. It was left at home, no big deal, just that I need to pay and claim back later. Life is just great! More things to do to keep my life interesting...

Spent couples of hours in GH and finally doctor confirmed I am clear of H1N1....see I said...nothing serious....*speechless*

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