Sunday, September 12, 2010

Touch Your Heart ~ Taiwan, Taipei

Have been missing in action for some time. Work has been killing me softly with demanding unreasonable Singapore customers and managing bunch of monkeys that did not show up to work and ended with to going to share what I have done in Taipei...of course those sharable moments la...the rest are for my own memory only...hahaha....

My trip was from 19th August ~ 23rd August, 2010. Got my tickets back in July, flew by Airasia and paid RM802 for returned, which inclusive of taxes, check in luggage (15kg going and 20kg for return), and skybus return tickets. No meals, and no seat selections. However, I must say, the flight was better than my expectation and I was lucky with the seats given. Checked in at LCCT and the crew asked if I prefer window or aisle seat, wow! impressive, so I say windows please and was assign at row 12, which is very front, business class area for commercial flights, and return, I got a window seat too! but it was 5 rows from the tail of the airplane. The flight was smooth and the landing was better than a lot of other commercial airlines.

Day 1
By the time I checked in and settle down, it was past 4pm, tired so took a small rest. Tonight's program is to visit Monga 艋舺 night market. Had oyster omelette, 愛玉冰, and noodles, the highlight of that night's food was snake soup! Yes, no kidding, and there were tonnes of shops selling that yet at the same time displaying their pet or to me pest at the store front. Had the soup at the famous store where the movie itself was taken from, please dont ask me the name because I did not note it down, I know, my bad. Just to share, I do not do too well with animals without feets, they just look weird! Anyhow, I managed to swallow big half of the soup because was told that it is good for me, and it taste like herbal soup. Then headed off for foot reflexology, the masseur is good, it is not the normal torturing session in fact, it feels good. Head back to the room and zzzZZzzz....

Day 2
Ahh...feels good not having to be woken up by alarm clock. Head out to catch movie "The Expandables" at 威秀cineplex. The movie was not up to my expectation, maybe because was told by too many that it was great so got my expectation too high. Breakfast was Burger King, had their beef wrap, it was good~ too bad they do not have it in KL. Then we headed to 基隆....had 噜肉飯, 鴨蛋, 肉羹湯, 雞蛋牛奶冰, and a soup noodle...blurp! All are yummy! The best is the rice and the dessert, wish they have it here in KL~Bought 蛋黃酥, 鳳梨酥, and some others, cannot remember the name....since it was still early, we ended up going to 宜蘭 for another food galore, I must say it is not a short drive. We had 小龍包@正常鮮肉小龍包, waited 50minutes for it, it was freshly made to serve. The store is just by the road side, with no fan not to mention air condition. You have to grab a number and wait patiently for your turn. It was good and juicy, with a lot of scallions in it. I have picture of it but somehow not able to load it. Will I wait again for it, maybe not, and was told that normally it does not need to take so long. Paired the 小龍包 with 紅茶 and 豆漿. Then went to buy 三合燒餅, this is good! Very nice, love it! This is a savory biscuits with scallions in it, very 香! Then visited a honey factory and my friend bought me honey vinegar, it was good. Then headed back to Taipei, another long drive and since we are all tired so decided to have dinner nearby and everywhere is full because it was Friday night so ended up at 天辣 to have 麻辣火鍋.
Then zzz time....

Day 3
Stayed within Taipei. Went to 五分埔, 誠品(near 101), Sogo, Nets, and spent a fortune. Dinner was a sushi platter from Sogo, it was tasty!

Day 4
Went to 淡水, had 飛魚卵香腸, 阿給, 青蛙下蛋(lousy, had better ones), 珍珠奶茶(oishi!), then went to 誠品 (24hrs) to catch up with a uni friend. After that, went to 深坑 for 豆腐料理, had my first try on 臭豆腐, not the fried one, the soupy one, have to eat it when it is hot, when it cools down, the smell is bad. Had too much food today, went back to the room and nearly fainted after seeing all the 戰利品....I started to worry if I can fit everything into the cabin size luggage that I brought along. Squeeze squeeze tug tug and my luggage looks like it is pregnant, no joke! and it is so heavy! Tired...slept like a log~

Day 5
Had brown rice porridge as breakfast, something different and it taste good too. Then headed to the Taipei office to pay a visit. Then head off to the airport.

P/S: The purpose of this trip is fulfilled, besides eating and shopping, I am certain some of you readers who knows me personally would be smilling now and got the point. Overall, this is a good trip however, if high temperature is not for you, please try not to go in August because it is HOT! I sweat everyday and the sun keeps following you everywhere you go. I am lucky, that it did not rain a drop during my 5 days, and the following there were earthquakes~ lucky! lucky me!

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