Saturday, December 19, 2009


So where should I start? Hmmm....OK, let's start with my 'Bangkok' what's with the ' ' ? That is because I did not end up being in Bangkok instead I detoured to another country in which I thought will 神不知, 鬼不覺 and let me tell you I WAS SO WRONG~
I did not want to let my parents know about this detour, I even got my friends to help me buy some goodies from BKK as proof of visit. Everything went smoothly, I told myself, as everyone thought I went to BKK. Just when I thought everything was good, 2 weeks ago, 2 months after my 'bangkok' trip, my mom started to act differently, a little of Indian drama was on show. She was saying that I was not honest and that I do not trust them and all the weird weird statements. I thought she was referring to some secrets between my sister and myself so I just acted stupid. The next morning, she confronted me, asking why did I not tell her that I did not go to bangkok and detoured. I was in the state of SHOCK! My face was white, I was speechless, and again I acted stupid but in the end I admited the detour but did not go into detail. In the end, mom did say that 紙係包唔住火嘅...
Till date, I have no clue who blurted out about my trip. Lesson learnt, do not lie, BUT if you really have to lie about the detour, do not let anyone knows and go to a 無人島...

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