Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me~

A very eventful birthday...
Yesterday marks my last 20th birthday, so not looking forward to the big 3 next year, seriously...OMG~
I told my friends, I will continue to put my age as 29 until 30th November 2010, I don't care... my birthday is on 1st December and the celebration started on...teng teng teng teng~

27/11 - sister bought dinner (italian)
28/11 - friends bought dinner (korean) + 2nd round at pub
30/11 - colleague bought lunch (local)
01/12 - colleague bought lunch (japanese) + another colleague bought Starbucks (tea break) + sister bought dinner (delicious)
02/12 - friend bought dinner (japanese)
03/12 - friend buying dinner (TBC)
04/12 - friend buying dinner (TBC)
This is no joke...
I think all my friends are working very hard to help me gain weight...all having the same eat eat and eat~ 一直吃...快要變了....
Not happy and thankful that so many of my friends are celebrating my birthday with me...that is very nice of them and I am touched~
Thank U for all the well wishes...this year's birthday was great! I had a blast and a memorable birthday...
This year's present, I received a very nice purse and a bouquet of flowers.
Oh~ even my doctor also gave me a present...telling me that my blood test result shows that my liver is not too healthy and that it is time to 戒酒....sob sob~ so I have to be good girl...can still go club but drink ice water....hahaha....


  1. I'm your best friend, cos i wont buy you any mean for bday present.. so .. the bouquet i bought you last year will be effective in another 11 .. if you are good in math, then you will only get another bday present from me on your 40th bday lar. ha ha

  2. wah liao...very cheap lo u...somemore dare to say best friend...please la...the bouquet dont know go where already la...somemore needs to be effective for another 11 yrs...
    i think i need to remove u from the best friend list and put u in the cheap friend list...hahaha