Saturday, January 9, 2010


Received a not so favorable news recently, not the best way to start my new year.
Something that I was very looking forward to will not come into realisation. My heart sank when I received the news. I thought it will go as planned but to my dissapointment, it did not, it has decided to prove me wrong. I thought things will happen if I wanted it bad enough but I was wrong.

At first, I was reluctant to accept the fact because I seriously was not prepared to take no as the answer. I kept looking for a reason, why is it a no? what I have done incorrectly? or what have I not done? yup...I did not take the outcome too well...

I finally gave up dwelling about it and accepted the fact. We do not always get what we want. No matter how bad we want it, it does not mean you will get it especially if you have no control over the decisioning. If it is not meant to be, then it would not happen, and it explained the bad news. 唯有再接再厲...加油!

Had to go back to the office for a full day training today. It has been so long since I had to be in the office for a full day on a Saturday. I think since my Auths days I have not been in the office for the weekend for a full day. While driving to the office this morning, reluctantly, I saw a teenager spitting on the pedestrian sidewalk after crossing the street. This is so uncivilised and unethical. This will reflect badly on our society but do they or the government cares? I doubt it. Sometimes, when I think about our country, seriously, I think we could have done better. With the natural resources and plantations, we should be richer. We are blessed for the strategic location with no earthquakes nor volcanoes. The weather is beautiful year round, we have the best islands in the world and how come our tourism is worst than our neighbouring countries? I can go on and on but I think there is no point...because I believe our government will not improve because they cannot be bothered about the rakyat. They are just full of themselves, just like some selfish brats...ok...stop~

Time to sleep...good night~

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