Thursday, November 5, 2009

How can they do this?

What is going on with today's society?
Open the local's newspaper website and you get see all sorts of news happening everyday. As always, politics will get the headlines, personally, I strongly believe the country could have been a much more developed country than we are now. Well, unfortunately with our ever corrupted government whom does not put on their thinking caps, I think we are still far away from moving ourselve to be a developed country. Making selfish, inconsiderate, corrupted decisions, is what caused the country to be where it is today.
With such selfish leaders, many ignorant nations behave and think with the same selfish mentality which explains why there are such cruel, heartless people who abandon animals to an isolated place with no food nor water and allow it to suffer and die from hunger. What were they thinking? Where have they placed their heart? How would they feel if they were treated like this?
Another news on cruelty, but this time on humans, that is maids being abused, the employer pouring hot
water over the maid's body. The sentence for the employer is only to spend 3 years in jail...but the maid will have to live with the trauma for the rest of her life. How fair can this be?
The recently announced Budget 2010, with the objective of bringing the nation to become a "high income society", made me speechless. The credit card tax, the 5% RPGT, the 1% deduction for high income tax payers (what about those low income tax payers? no deduction obviously), the extention of AP, and did you all read how Na**b answered to the nation's complain of the credit card tax? I can only say it was brilliantly answered by our PM. *speechless* again.
Please do not get me wrong, I do not hate this country, it is innocent. Neither do I hate the government, nope, they are NOT innocent and this country is what it is today thanks to them. They can continue to do what they want to the country, they can continue to be selfish, continue to spend freely with the taxpayers' money for luxury holidays, continue to build their mansion with the corrupted money and continue to make inconsiderate decisions. It is the nation who will continue to suffer, but does the government cares? nope, don't think so...I have never been and will never be interested in politics, but just do not like the government taking the nation's effort and hard earned monies for granted...

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