Thursday, November 5, 2009

Temporary home..

After moving into our temporary home for one month, I have not posted anything about it. Due to a small renovation of our home, we had to move out temporarily for 3 months. Moving out the house after staying for more than 25 years is NOT an easy task. Packing alone was tedious, not to mention moving the items out of the house. Temporarily, I have moved from a double story link terrace to a condominium. Not very used to it at first but after one month, everything is starting to be in place.
The one thing I always have to remember is not to leave my house key in the car, cause if I did then I will need to go back to the car to get it, (wait for the lift, take the lift to the lobby, walk to the car, unlock the car, open the door, grab the house key, close the door, lock the car, walk back to the lift lobby, wait for the lift, take the lift up to the floor) ya, you get what I mean and you know what? I am very good at leaving my house key behind in the car and yes I have been through the long process.
The best thing that I like about the current place is the view, it is just beautiful, looking at the night view of the city with the twin tower lited up, is just breathtaking. Picture taken today from the balcony....

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