Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Extended medical leave - Part II

Went for my follow up on Monday and guess what I got from the doctor? Yes, another week of MC and 2 bars of stronger painkillers. Those mushrooms which bloomed last week dried and a new batch has bloomed, this time more in quantity. I have to continue my sleep, eat, sleep, eat, and sleep routine for another nice...

Many of my friends envy me for having the chance to rest at home. Actually, it is nice to rest at home IF you are physically fit. For my condition, 坐又不是, 躺又不是, 站又不是, 走又不是, is actually not that enjoyable. Second follow up is scheduled for next Monday, hopefully I will not get another week of MC. If that really happened, am afraid if my workstation is still vacant for me when I return.

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