Saturday, June 6, 2009

My irritating colleague

I am sure everyone will have that someone which you hate most in your work place. Let's name this irritating colleague of mine ZZ
Today, office was having blood donation drive. I was in the room chatting with those who are donating, ZZ came and register to be a donor. Earlier, I've checked with the nurse and was advised that I am not fit to donate as today the first day of my menses and most of my colleagues are aware. Half way chatting with our HR manager, ZZ, trying to be smart interrupted our conversation telling HR "you should bring her(me) to the toilet to check if her claim is TRUE. What a coincident?"
OMG! Can you believe it? This actually came out from a guy's mouth! What sort of guys will say such a thing? I so wanted to stuff the bloody pad into his mouth and give him 2 tight slap on his face (pardon my language). I find this so rude and disrespectful!! Not even a word of apology from ZZ, and he thought the statement was funny! I hope he will be a woman in his next life and bleed to death!! I hate guy who does not respect woman!! I so wanted to tell the nurse to drain his blood dry...bleed bleed bleed~~hahahahhaha....


  1. make sure his blood will not be used, otherwise, that person who got his blood will inherit his smell... ha ha..

  2. so bad la u...but I must agree to that...hahahaha....busuk!