Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some farnee colleague...

So frustrated with some funny attitudes that one has towards their errors.
An email was sent to a colleague AJ last evening at 5:43pm to update the system. Called AJ at 5pm today to check on the status of the update and was told that "it was not done yesterday because the email was sent after 5:30pm" but managed to work on a similar request that we sent past 6pm yesterday. What sort of excuses is this? It is obvious that AJ overlooked the first request. I just cannot understand why can't AJ just admit that the email request was oversighted? The change requires 24 hrs to take effect and now it is delayed. OK, let's take it that the email got to AJ 13mins after the official office hours, it could have been actioned first thing in the morning but can only be actioned after my follow up call..hmm..if the email is not overlooked, I wonder what other reasons could it be...maybe AJ purposely delay it so that AJ can listen to my annoyed voice?
The moment I heard AJ said that the email was not actioned on time because the email reached her 13 minutes after the office hours, I so wanted to throw my chair towards AJ. Here I am trying to clean up a mess that was caused by AJ because a project got delayed due to few of AJ's oversight. Me and another colleague had to explain and apologise to the business on errors that were not done by us and with AJ behaving with such beh tahan attitude, I feel like giving AJ a piece of my mind. Can't one just apologise for the errors they've done? What would they get by behaving like this? This is so irritating and frustrating. The best thing is, I am of higher hierarchy than AJ but seems like AJ is the boss. OMG! Really beh tahan...Argh~

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