Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One colleague (J) called a local bank call center pertaining to some charges that is not meant to be charged. I find that it is OK as long as you keep the conversation professional because you are in the office. But J was scolding over the phone, sounded harsh and I can hear her conversation loud and clear. I find that this is so not professional. Do they not realise that such actions actually disturb others who are working? Seriously selfish and inconsiderate. J at times need to answer calls as well and would be complaining about some customers scolding her unreasonably. This is the same thing that she is doing to others. She is scolding the person on the other end unreasonably, throwing her temper. After the call is ended, she continue to complain about the incompetencies of the rep.

Seriously, no one is interested to know what happened to your bill, I think such conversation should be kept to the minimal and of course as quiet as possible. Here you are complaining about other people scolding you, now are you are doing the same thing, so what makes you any different from those that you have complained about? 以五十步笑百步....

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